Celebrating 50 years with the Crownsmen



Looking for all Crownsmen alumni and families. On June 8th at Landmark in Cincinnati, we are having a Celebrate 50 years with the Crownsmen. It’s going to be a great night of Gospel music. The Crownsmen will be joined by the Southern-Aires and special guests The Guardians. We would love to have all of the former alumni/families attend. We want to honor everyone that was ever a part of the ministry. We know some of the former members have passed on and we’d love for family to attend. Please reach out to any of the current members and let us know that you are planning to attend. This will help us plan the event. If you are physically unable to attend, but would like to share a story or something, please send us a video. 

New CD's are coming...

We are in the process of working on two new CD's with old/new music for everyone to enjoy.  These are going to be the best ones yet.  Songs have been selected for both projects and the music tracks have been cut.  We are going on March 20 and 21 to start laying down the vocals.  Be in prayer that we'll all be healthy and in great voice as we work on these new recordings.  

The Crownsmen mourn the loss of newest member Robert Tuemler

Robert Tuemler                                                                                            Many of you may never have seen or met newest member of The Crownsmen, Robert Tuemler.  That's the way he liked it.  Never one to want any attention or public acknowledgement, Robert joined the group as our mechanic, roadie, driver, and friend several months ago.  It all started with his offer to do some work on our RV (which turned out ot be A LOT of work) and blossomed into a great friendship.  He and his wife, Dale, quickly became part of the Crownsmen family.  Robert suffered sudden cardiac arrest and went home to glory this morning,  He will be remembered fondly and missed by all who knew him.  

Obituary and arrangements available at: http://www.tuftsschildmeyer.com/obituary/Robert-Frederick-Tuemler/Blanchester-OH/1724280

New Year... Let's GO SING!!!!

The new year 2017 is here and the Crownsmen are ready to start doing some singing. Last year was a difficult year for the guys.  We've gone from cardiac arrest, being septic, to a broken knee cap.  What a year!!!!  Everyone is healing up and getting better while looking forward to doing some singing in the new year.  Please contact us for your church service or special event.  Look forward to seeing you all in the near future....

First Top 80 Song

Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to report that we have just charted our first national song in the top 80.  "Don't Point A Finger Lend A Hand", hit #61 in the April 2016 Singing News magazine.   This is a huge accompolishment and we thank the Lord for allowing it to happen.  We are so blessed that we've had the ability to send songs to radio and be able to reach way more folks across the country.  We are very thankful to all the Dj's and station manager's across the country for playing our music and very thankful for Jeff O'Neal and Heritage Communications for promoting our music.   Thank you Lord for this blessing.

We've already released another song titled "Looking Ahead".   Please contact your radio stations and request this song.   Let's see if we can break top 50 or top 40 with this one.  


Cruise is over - Health Updates

We had a great time on the Cruise, Jubilee in the Sun and we recommend that everyone go in the future.  Great singing, scenery, food, and a wonderful time had by all.   Former Crownsment Tenor Jamey Ragle kept everyone in stitches most of the time and he did a great job bringing the message on Wednesday afternoon.  Several folks gave their hearts to the Lord out on the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  

Health Updates: 

While on the cruise, Doug Spears and Buddy Bates were both having some medical issues.  Doug Spears was experiencing some shortness of breath and overall not feeling well.  Buddy was experiencing issues with something called "Cluster Headaches" which were extremely painful and prevented he and his wife from doing much, but they still had a great time.


Upon Doug's arrival back to the Cincinnati area, his defibrillator went off and he was taken straight to the hospital for observation.  After tests, it was determined that he was going to be ok, but would need some time to recovery and gain his strength.

Buddy spent a couple days with his mother-in-law in Ft. Lauderdale while still suffereing from the headaches.  He and his wife Lisa started to drive home on Saturday, January 23.  When they arrived at Tifton, GA at their hotel, Buddy felt some strange heart rhythms and he was admitted to hospital in Tifton.  After a couple days, it was decided that Buddy and his wife could continue home and schedule an appointment with cardiologist.  Appoinment was scheduled on Friday, January 29 where cardiologist reviewed all the EKG's and strange heart rhythms.  The Dr. sent him for a 48 hour monitor and a stress test.   During stress test, Buddy suffered sudden cardia arrest and received two rounds of CPR and three shocks to bring him back.  He was immediately taken to Bethesda North Hospital to have a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted.  God was there through the whole experience and God spared Buddy's life.  A partial example of God taken care of everything, Buddy's cardiac arrest took place in the cardioligist office.  God is so good!!!!


We ask that you pray for all of the Crownsmen and complete healing of Doug Spears and Buddy Bates.





Continuing The Journey Release Party

We are very happy to announce that we released our newest CD, "Continuing The Journey", on August 18th.  We all feel like this is the best project yet and we're so excited to have these new songs to share with all of you.  On September 18th, we had the priviledge of having a release listening party with a couple of very special folks Paul and Sandy Snyder.  All of the Crownsmen and our families were able to enjoy some food and share some behind the scenes information on the production of this project.  It's because of Paul and Sandy's generosity and desire to follow the Lord that this project came to fruition.   We are all very grateful and thankful to both of them for their faithfulness.   This new project is available through our webiste, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play whatever your choice is for music.  Of course the best way to get this CD, would be for you to come to one of our concerts, pick it up in person and say hello.   See you all soon...



Paul and Sandy Snyder with all the guys at the release party.

Information on Richard Brown

Richard Brown


We are very sad to report that the most well known lead singer of the group has passed away on Monday - August 3, 2015.  If you know the Crownsmen, you are familiar with Richard Brown.  Richard was with the group for over 10 years and loved by many fans and others in the industry.  Lots of folks ask about Richard at our concerts and if they can't remember his name they refer to him as the tall gentlemen.  You could raise his mic stand all the way up and he'd still need to bend down a little to sing into the mic.  He sang from his heart with lots of feeling and emotion.  Many would say he was one of the best in the business.  His version of "When He Reached Down His Hand for Me", will never be matched.  Richard was 80 years of age and he had been sick for quite a long time.  Richard will be missed by many.   Thanks Richard for your years of following the Lord and everything you've done to help the group.


Richard's obituary can be found at www.bernardfuneralhome.com

Original Pianist Bill Hettinger

We are very sad to learn that the original pianist Bill Hettinger passed away on Wednesday July 15, 2015.   We appreciate Bill's efforts and talents in getting the Crownsmen up and going.  We ask that you please pray for his family and friends during this time of loss. 

Listen to The Crownsmen on Radio

We are excited to be able to release our first song to radio in several years.  We've teamed up with Jeff O'Neal and Heritage Communications to release a great song written by Kevin Hunt and Steve Cheney, "God Will Not Lead Where His Grace Will Not Keep".   This is from our Heartfelt CD released last year.   Please contact your local radio stations to request our song.   We pray that it will bless you and that radio will allow us to reach those that we would otherwise not be able to touch.  

New Music on it's way

We were at Hitmaker Studio today starting work on a new CD.   We had the privilege to work with the best musicians, producer, and engineer in the business to record some incredible music tracks.  Thanks to Dan Ward (engineer), Jared Ward (drums), John Rowsey (producer), Craig Nobles (keyboard), Ray Salyer (bass), and Mark Stephens (guitars) for a job well done.  We should be back to the studio early May to do vocals.

Glen Steely and Doug Sharp Hall of Fame

We are very proud to have the two original members of the group be inducted into the Ohio Gospel Music Assocation Hall of Fame.   On the evening of November 22, 2104, Glen Steely and Doug Sharp were inducted into the Ohio Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame.  You could search all the folks in Gospel Music from Ohio and couldn't find two more deserving gentlemen.   These guys are great Christian men and two class acts.  It's a real privilege to travel and sing with these gentelmen.   It was a great night of music, stories, and laughter.  Please take the time to congratulate these well deserving men.   Thanks Glen and Doug for all of your years of dedication to ministry and Southern Gospel Music.

Glen and Doug Hall of Fame

Another New Project Available This Week

Well, it took us a little while to get the first one done and now we have a second one.  When we decided to record, we just decided to go ahead and work on two projects at the same time.  God has really blessed us and we're excited to be releasing our second recording this week.  This one is better than the first one.  Both recordings were so much fun and such a blessing to each of us.   We've had such a great time recording at Hitmaker Studios working with Dan Ward, John Darin Rowsey, Craig Nobles, Ray Salyer, Jared Ward, and Mark Stephens.  These guys are absolutely the best.  They've helped us capture exactly what we wanted on this recording and we realy hope it's a blessing to you.  Every song has such a great message that will touch your heart.  We decided to name this recording "Heartfelt" because while working in the studio Dan Ward, the owner of Hitmaker Studio, said, "All of you guys sing from your heart".  So this recording is from our hearts to yours.  Our prayer is that each of you get a blessing from this recording.


You are probably saying to yourself, "What's finally here?"  At every concert folks have been asking, "When are you going to have CD's?"   Our new CD, "The Classic Sounds of The Crownsmen" is here and ready to be ordered.  You can order here on our website, pick one up at a concert, or downloads will be available at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and CD Baby in the next couple of weeks.  So don't be left out, order yours today....

2013 coming to a close and 2014 just beginning

What a great year 2013 has been for The Crownsmen!!  You know the old saying "Time sure does fly when you are having fun", well that's very appropriate for us.  It has been wonderful to catch up with old friends and create new ones.   We've had such an incredible time this year just being back traveling and ministering.  All of the guys, really enjoy our time together and we really truly enjoy the talent that the Lord has given each of us.  We've been able to participate in a coulple history making concerts this year.  We feel very honored to have been invited to the appreciation concert for Dal Miller and the Southernaires.  The Greater Cincinnati Quartet Reunion Concert was probably the Southern Gospel event of the year in the Cincinnati area.   It was great to be able to reunite with past Crownsmen, Southeraires, Rhythm Masters, Landmark Quartet and Cathedrals members.  Folks in attendance had a great time, but honestly everyone on the platform was having a total blast.  With 2013 coming to a close, we will be doing one last concert on December 29th at Fellowship Tabernacle at 5:00pm to complete this year.  Please come join us. 


What's next....2014

Well we are planning on heading to the studio in January to start cutting tracks for the first recording since The Crownsmen reunited.  We are so excited to be able to get some music available on CD for folks to be able to take home and enjoy after our concerts.  Several folks have been asking about recordings so we are hoping to get one completed and ready early in 2014.  We are currently scheduling for 2014 and 2015 and would love to be a part of your Church service or special event.  We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Crownsmen - Debut Concert

The Crownsmen were very honored to be invited to sing at an appreciation concert honoring a great Christian man and long time Southern Gospel singer Dall Miller.   Dall has spent 58 years traveling and singing Southern Gospel music with The Southernaires from Dayton, OH.  This debut concert was such a blessing to each member of the Crownsmen and their families.   We all totally enjoyed each group that sang and all of the great stories about Dall and The Southernaires.  We could not have chosen a better time or place to debut the new line-up of the Crownsmen. 

This is Big.....

"This is big!", stated former Crownsmen tenor Stan Smith, when the word started to spread that The Crownsmen are back and traveling again.  After an 18 year break, the Crownsmen have announced their return to ministering and traveling.  Doug Sharp and his wife Janet had moved back to Cincinnati after a seven year stint in Stinking Creek, TN.  Doug and Janet were missing Cincinnati and all of their friends, so they decided to move back to Ohio.  Doug and Glen felt God's call and knew that they had to revive The Crownsmen. 

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